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Dear Sylvanian Collectors / Friends

As of 2023 I am no longer collecting and my entire collection is up for sale. It was a hard decision and not one I made easily! It was a combination of a few things but mainly Epoch's new direction with the brand (Too plastic, girly and pink!), the saturation of the collecting community, new personal goals in my life and the negative energy from a small group of collectors online. These things combined have made it less enjoyable for me to collect.

I feel I have achieved all that I can through collecting and Sylvanian Families have made me very happy over the years and will always be a massive part of my life, who I am and I will always owe so much to the brand. I have also made some lifelong friends through collecting, a fair few have become friends in my ''real'' life! I have travelled around the world for Sylvanian Families and been lucky enough to be featured on many TV shows, magazines, newspapers, magazines and of course the ultimate Guinness World Record book!

The love I have for Sylvanians will never fade, the memories and the happiness they brought me will be here forever but for now it's time to move on! I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the people who have made collecting fun over the years!

My website effectively is now a selling page and I will update as often as I can.

- If a photo is on my site - it's for sale and will have a price underneath! This does NOT include shipping.

- If I have reserved something for someone I will put 'RESERVED' under the photo and it will remain up until the item is paid for.

- As and when items are sold / paid for I will remove them from my site.

If people wish to purchase a number of items, I am always happy to consider offers on items but please be respectful as this is a collection that took 30+ years to build and is very important to me.

You can contact me at winkytreefellow@hotmail.co.uk