Welcome to Jacc's Sylvanian Families

A resource for Sylvanian Families collectors

Welcome to my website!

I have been collecting Sylvanian Families (and a few other toys!) for over 20 years and they have taken over my home!
Please enjoy my website which has been set up to enable me to display my collection but also for me to share the knowledge I have gathered through my years of collecting.

My name is Jacc and when I am not collecting toys I am working. I trained as a professional dancer and have a degree in Dance & Musical Theatre. I am mainly trained in Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Commercial and Musical Theatre. I now own a chain of dance schools across the UK but actively run the main school in my home town of Kettering, Northamptonshire! You can check out my schools at www.starlightdance.net

As well as collecting Sylvanians I also collect My Little Pony, Littlest Petshop, Carebears, Polly Pocket, She-Ra, He-Man, Ghostbusters, Trolls, Keypers, Furbys, Disney Animator Dolls, 1990s Barbie, Popples, Rainbow Brite, Smurfs, In My Pocket Collections and many more!

When not collecting or working I like to watch 80s & 90s films! My favourites being 'The Labyrinth', 'Adventures in Babysitting', 'The Goonies' & 'The Neverending Story' I also love 90s TV Sitcoms such as 'Goodnight Sweetheart', 'Keeping Up Appearances' 'The Vicar of Dibley' '2 Point 4 Children' and 'Sister Sister' I am also a massive pop music fan: Britney Spears, STEPS, S Club 7, Girls Aloud, AQUA, Madonna, J-Lo, Justin Bieber being just a few of my favourites!

Please note, the pieces displayed on my website are not for sale they are from my personal collection.

Check out some of my favourite Sylvanian Websites below! You can contact me at winkytreefellow@hotmail.co.uk